Integrated Premium VoIP Phone Service:
(Available out of the box)
Nuclius will have our GeneSys VoIP Phone Service integrated into it so you can make and receive calls using your TV, remote control and Bluetooth earpiece. Caller ID can be displayed on the screen and you can even listen to your voicemail through the TV, audio system or earpiece as well. (OTB)

Powerful VoIP Video Conferencing:
(Available in the future)
The ultimate in powerful video conferencing comes standard. Using a Bluetooth earpiece, USB microphone, USB camera and our Crystal Digital Voice VoIP Phone Service, you can enjoy real-time video conferencing in full color with other Nuclius Home users located anywhere in the world right on your TV. No special phones or hardware are required. (ITF)

Integrated Home Security: Our DivineFortress Broadband Home (Available in the future)
Security solution will be integrated into your Nuclius for video surveillance of the premises locally right through your TV and remotely right through a PC, laptop or your Spirit Mobile device. This is the next generation of home security service with 24 hour monitoring and the whole nine. (ITF)

Premises Access Control:
(Available in the future)
Our FacePoint Biometric Keyless Entry product from our sister company will be tightly integrated into your Nuclius for viewing doors around your home on the TV and buzzing people in without even leaving your seat. This same system will allow you to access your home without keys with the simple touch of a finger. (ITF)

Access The Media On Your PC/Laptop:
(Available in the future)
Your Nuclius will act as a wireless or wired DLNA receiver allowing you to access all of your movies, music, photos and more from all of the DLNA compatible devices inside your local network. (ITF)

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